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Around 300 of our properties are fitted with Switchee smart thermostat devices.  These devices have been fitted during recent retrofit works.

What is a Switchee?

Switchee is a smart, connected thermostat for your heating and hot water which doesn’t rely on your Wi-Fi network to function. We’re piloting this technology to help us, and you, look after your home more effectively. It’s also part of our plans to reduce our carbon footprint.

You’ll be one of the first customers to use this technology, so do let us know what you think.

What does it do?Image of a Switchee device panel

  • Easily manage your heating and hot water – whenever suits you. Over time, your Switchee will learn your daily routines and turn everything on/off automatically, according to your preferences.
  • Control at your fingertips – download the Switchee app to manage your heating and hot water from your phone, whenever and wherever you need to.
  • Reduce your bills and carbon footprint – it can help you reduce your energy usage, and lower your bills by up to 15%.
  • Receive messages directly from us – through your Switchee, we can securely send you messages, schedule appointments and ask you for feedback on repairs.
  • It shares information with us too – your Switchee sends us data and insights which help us look after your home effectively. It completely secure and can identify issues early, so that we can resolve them before they become bigger problems.

How does it work?

The device has five sensors that monitor how your home performs and detect problems early, so that we can resolve them quickly. It can help reduce issues like condensation, suspected damp and mould, and if we complete any repairs in your home, it helps us measure how effective they are.

What if I already have a thermostat?

Our installers will replace any existing thermostat with a Switchee device. The installation takes around two-hours.

How do I set it up?

Our installers will set it up for you and explain how to use it. It also comes with instructions and troubleshooting guides.

Where can I find out more?

You can find more information, videos, user guides and reviews about Switchee at You can also read Switchee’s privacy policy.

Can I request a Switchee device if I don’t have one?

Unfortunately, not at the moment, as this is a pilot and we are reviewing how this can be rolled out to other properties, which will likely be as part of an investment programme.