How we’re doing in Scotland

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Let’s Talk Performance…

We are currently working with customers to review our Customer Offer and associated Service Standards, and to find out what performance information they would like to see on a regular basis. In the interim, we are providing these key performance indicators, on a quarterly basis, alongside some information about what we are doing to drive improvements.

The figures below are taken from January 2024 and the arrows show how we’re doing compared with the previous quarter.


Overall satisfaction
We have seen a slight decline in overall satisfaction over the third quarter of the year. We have introduced new Tenant Partner roles who are working to develop positive relationships with customers,  local drop in surgeries across all our operating areas, and have been working with our repairs and maintenance contractors to drive forward improved performance. We now have a new Asset Investment and Programme Manager in place and have introduced more quality assurance processes and more regular discussion and analysis of negative customer feedback to identify where we need to improve.


Satisfaction with latest repair
We have seen a slight decline in satisfaction with latest repair,. We will be carrying out customer journey mapping exercises over the next 3 months so we can understand exactly how customers experience our repairs service on a daily basis, particularly when follow on works are needed to fully resolve a repair. We are working closely with our repairs contractors to monitor their performance and to drive forward improvements in customer care through shared complaints handling training and customer care information sessions. We have made some changes to our call handling procedures to improve our processes for making repairs appointments.

29 seconds

Call waiting times
We have improved our call systems and are implementing training to ensure all call handlers have as much knowledge as possible to be able to deal with customer enquiries at the first point of contact as far as possible.


Total number of complaints received
We have seen a steady improvement in customer satisfaction with how we are handling complaints. Our highest number of complaints relate to repairs and maintenance. We have introduced a single point of contact for the coordination of all complaints, ensuring that customers are kept up to date throughout the process. We are working with our repairs contractors to ensure complaints are dealt with quickly and within our target timescales. For all Stage 2 complaints we carry out a ‘lessons learned’ session where we review the reasons for the complaint and put in place actions to improve services.


Satisfaction with opportunities to participate in landlord decision making

As part of our new operating model we appointed a new Community Engagement Officer who has been working with local tenants, residents, and Local Authority partners to deliver improvement initiatives across our priority estates and neighbourhoods. We now have a new Tenant Scrutiny Group who are currently reviewing our processes for re-letting properties with their final report due in February 2024.  We have supported a number of community initiatives in recent weeks including clean up events, community garden projects, and have recently publicised our plans to develop a new Handyperson service. From the end of February we will be starting consultations with all customers whose property will be part of a planned maintenance or investment programme during 2024/25 to discuss our proposals and  get customer feedback on our property improvement plans.