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The Riverside Group is committed to ensuring our websites are accessible to all users. This statement outlines our efforts to meet accessibility standards and provides information on how users can customise their devices for a better browsing experience.

Accessibility statement

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This accessibility statement applies to the following websites:

Our goal is to meet the WCAG 2.1 standards and comply with the AA standard.

Customisation tips

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To enhance your browsing experience, consider customising your computer or device using the following resources:

We’ve also provided some further tips and guidance to optimise your device or web browser.

How accessible are our websites?

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This website is run by The Riverside Group and we have made efforts to ensure that our websites are accessible. However, we recognise that some areas still need improvement.

  • Video Captions: Although our YouTube-hosted videos have auto-generated captions, we recognise the need for revision and accuracy checks.
  • Document Accessibility: Some downloadable PDFs and other document types may not be fully accessible.
  • Image Descriptions: We are working to ensure that all images have appropriate alternative text.
  • Link Descriptions: Images used as links should have descriptive text.
  • Heading Structure: We aim to correct any incorrect heading usage to convey proper page structure.

Around 70% of the pages on our website are compliant with AA standard, and we are actively rolling out improvements with each update.

We scan our websites using tools provided by Monsido to identify accessibility issues. Many of the problems detected require manual fixes, and we are actively addressing them. This statement will be updated as we make further enhancements.

Reporting Issues

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If you encounter any accessibility problems, please report them to our web team at [email protected]. Be sure to include the URL (web address) of the page where you found the issue.

Date of Statement: 1 March 2024.

Last Updated: 15 May 2024.