Our vision

Our aim is to transform lives and revitalise neighbourhoods.

Riverside Scotland is a charitable Registered Society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 managed by Executive Directors, and governed by a Board.

Our Vision & Values

Vision: Transforming lives, revitalising neighbourhoods

Our values:

We Care

We put our customers first every time, going the extra mile to make sure we deliver great homes and services that they need and want.

We are Inclusive

We respect and value the diversity of our customers and colleagues, welcoming and appreciating the contribution of others.

We are Trusted

We have high standards and work hard to meet them, taking ownership and performing at our best.

Our strategy is broken down into three objectives

People at our heart
We will improve the quality of service provided to our customers, delivered by engaged and fulfilled colleagues. We will do more to sustain tenancies and provide secure homes to those who do not have one.

Homes for the Future
We will raise the standard of our homes and consider every option for those that may not be fit for the future. We will continue to build and grow to help address the housing crisis.

Places to thrive in
We will align our investment in homes and services to have a positive impact on the places in which we work, with a particular focus on helping those customers who face the greatest challenges.

Key to achieving these objectives are some common themes:

Climate responsibility
We will develop our climate responsibility roadmap and ensure colleagues and stakeholders, are clear about the role they will play.

As well as ensuring our customers are safe in their homes we’ll seek to improve the wellbeing, mental health and safety of our customers and colleagues and the safety and security of the places where they live and work.

We’ll reduce costs through better working practices and effective procurement, where we can do so without undermining service standards and quality, and we’ll maximise income by improving collection rates and optimising our commercial activities.

Corporate Profile