Whether it’s paying your rent and services charges or rent arrears, we want to make the process really simple and easy which is why we have lots of ways for you to pay.

Pay your rent


The different ways to pay your rent with Riverside Scotland

Whether it’s paying your rent and service charges or rent arrears, we want to make the process really simple and easy. That’s why there are lots of ways to pay, you just have to pick which one is right for you.

As you will know, rent and other changes must be paid in advance based on your payment frequency even if you receive benefits which are paid in arrears. It’s really important you pay on time.

How can I pay?

The simplest way to pay

Direct Debit – pay automatically and choose when the money comes out of your account. Call us to set up your Direct Debit.

Pay with a debit or credit card.

  • Online – Register or log in to My Riverside to check your rent or charges account and make payment. Already registered? Download the app and make things even easier.
  • By phone – call us on 0345 112 6600 and pick the payment option. You’ll need your Allpay number.
  • In person – pay by cash or card at any Post Office or where you see the PayPoint sign. You’ll need an Easypay card from us to show the cashier.

What if I’m on Housing Benefit or Universal Credit?

If you are unsure what you are entitled to then contact us. We can check if you are eligible, help you make a claim and process it quickly. It’s up to you to make sure that your claim is accurate, with all the relevant documents and you are responsible for any debt that builds up in the meantime.

If you receive Housing Benefit then you can ask your local authority to pay us directly which may cover all or part of your rent.

If you’ve moved over to Universal Credit, you will now get a monthly payment direct to you. It will include any help you get towards your housing costs.

Whether Universal Credit covers all or part of your charges, you must pay your full charge to us and you need to arrange payments to us directly. We suggest setting up a Direct Debit payment to us for the day your Universal Credit payment arrives in your account. That way you don’t need to remember to pay or worry about how much you have left for other things.

Struggling to make payments?

Either contact our Income Collection Team on 0800 529 8789 or get in touch with our Affordability Officer, Cath Stone on 07974 751 084.