Improvement & repairs

Get the help you need at home to make you feel more comfortable and secure.

Aids & adaptations


An adaptation is a piece of equipment, extra fitting or minor alteration to your home.

If you or a family member would benefit from some changes to your home to make life easier and safer, an adaptation could help.

Adaptations include:

— grab rails and hand rails
— a walk-in shower
— an over-bath shower
— widening doorways
— door entry systems
— hoists or lifting equipment
— specialist bathroom equipment
— access ramps
— vibrating smoke alarms
— lever taps
— low level kitchen units.

How we can help

We want to meet your needs and make your home as suitable as possible.

We need to consider a number of things before making a decision to go ahead, such as whether there is a recognised need for the adaptation.

Sometimes we are unable to make the changes you request. It may be that the work is too expensive or it could affect the structure of the house and make it unsafe.

There are certain things we are unable to do, including:

— removing existing adaptations unless recommended by an
Occupational Therapist
— removing stair lifts to install carpets, furniture, etc.
— pay for medical evidence
— install central heating as an adaptation.

To ensure that your needs are fully met, all adaptations require an Occupational Therapist Report assessment.

Currently, funding for all adaptations is subject to grants being provided by The Scottish Government.

Please contact your local social services Occupational Therapist for an assessment of your needs.

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