Previous Freedom of Information requests

This section details each Freedom of Information (FOI) request we have processed within the last 2 years, including when it was received, what it concerned and our response to it.

Freedom of Information requests and responses

  • 2020-1: "Factoring fees/local roofing costs - Pennyburn". Date request received: 18/08/2020 Download
  • 2020-2: "In connection with a Solicitor request: Records of inspection/maintenance for a named location". Date received: 05/11/2020 Download
  • 2021-1: "Housing information including priority bands, applications and stock". Date received: 06/04/2021 Download
  • 2021-2: "Information concerning maintenance/landscaping fees for various areas within Pennyburn". Date received: 27/06/2021 Download
  • 2021-3: “Riverside Scotland new social housing building plans”. Date received: 02/08/2021 Download
  • 2021-4: “A forecast of social housing to be built”. Date received: 15/11/2021 Download