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You can apply for plenty of our properties via different websites and local councils.

Our homes

st molios park
Rent a home in North Ayrshire

In North Ayrshire we use the North Ayrshire Housing Register (NAHR) to allocate our properties.  The NAHR is a partnership with three other housing providers in the area – ANCHO, Cunninghame Housing Association and North Ayrshire Council.

To apply online for housing in North Ayrshire please click on the NAHR link below.



Rent a home in East Ayrshire 

In East Ayrshire we use the Single East Ayrshire Register for Community Housing (SEARCH) to allocate our properties. SEARCH is a partnership with five other housing providers in the area – East Ayrshire Council, Atrium Homes, Cunninghame Housing Association and Shire Housing Association.

For a SEARCH application pack please click on the SEARCH link below.



Rent a home in Dumfries & Galloway

In Dumfries& Galloway we use the Homes4D&G common housing register to allocate our properties. Homes4D&G is a partnership with three other housing providers in the area  DGHP, Home Scotland and Dumfries & Galloway Council.

To apply online for housing in Dumfries & Galloway please click on the Homes4D&G link below.