Rent a home

What you need to know about handing in your notice.

Giving notice


If you are leaving the property for any reason, you must tell us in writing at once.

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Your Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement requires you to give a minimum one-month’s written notice to terminate your tenancy. This advanced warning allows us to move quickly to find a new tenant for the property from our waiting lists.

We will formally acknowledge your termination notice within one day of receiving it and thereafter confirm to you the date your tenancy will end.

We will arrange an inspection of your home prior to you leaving. At the inspection you will be advised of any repairs and decoration, if any, you will be expected to do prior to handing in your keys.

Within five working days of this inspection we will confirm in writing what is required of you. We will also tell you whether you have any rent to pay up to the date of termination.

Keys must be returned to your local office on or before the set termination date. You should preferably return them in person. A key receipt will be issued.

Have you let everyone know you are moving?

Moving house is a busy time. Here are some people you may need to tell that you are moving out:

  • If you receive Housing Benefit or Universal Credit let them know about the change.
  • Tell the gas, electric, water and phone companies.
  • Tell us who supplies your gas and electric so we can let the new tenant know.
  • Ask Royal Mail to forward post to your new address (there is a fee for this service).