Money and benefit welfare advice

Whether you are employed or unemployed you could be one of the millions of people missing out on financial help, benefits, tax credits or grants available to you. Every year £2.5 billion in benefits and services are left unclaimed.

Benefit advice



Free help to claim your money

In your area, we offer a free welfare benefits advice service. Advisors can visit you at home, meet in one of our offices or they can speak to you over the telephone.

Who should speak to us?

—    You’ve never had your benefits checked
—    You’re in arrears with your rent
—    You’ve had a change of circumstances*
—    You’re a new tenant
—    You have any other questions

*this could be a bereavement, marriage, divorce, redundancy, retirement,
loss of earnings, or a new baby

What you may be able to claim

These are just some of the many unclaimed benefits:

—    Universal Credit

—    Housing Benefit

—    Council Tax Benefit

—    Carers Allowance

—    Income Support

—    Pension Guaranteed Credit

—    Pension Savings Credit

—    Attendance Allowance

—    Personal Independence Payment

If you require any welfare benefit assistance or debt advice, you can contact your Tenant Partner.

All Tenant Partner contact details are listed under FAQs.

You can also visit Citizens Advice Scotland. To find your nearest office
visit their website.