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Customer Panel


We’re working hard to develop our digital services and provide our customers with the opportunity to engage with and be involved in key decision making online.

You can have your say when Riverside Scotland is asking customers what they think simply by joining our Customer Panel.  You’ll be given opportunities to influence and comment on our planned activities through online surveys, polls and focus groups.  You can choose which activities to participate in and how much time you give.

Interested in joining our Customer Panel?

The panel is for customers who want to have their say on our services and how we deliver them. Customers registered on the panel will be given opportunities to influence and comment on key policies in a way which suits them. We will use a variety of methods to interact with the panel, for example, formal consultation events, short online surveys and quick polls, and small focus groups.

It will be for each panel member to decide what activities they participate in and how much time they give.

By using this approach we hope to obtain feedback that is more representative of our customers’ views.

How to sign-up to the Customer Panel

Register your details today and wait for the first survey to appear in your mailbox.