Have your say

There are lots of different ways to be involved and have your say, shape our services, and make your community a better place to live.

At Riverside Scotland we welcome feedback and regularly involve customers in the decisions that we make. We are always on the lookout for tenants who want to get involved, whether that be by giving your views through completing surveys, participating in consultations, joining our Scrutiny Group or registering your interest to join our Board – we have lots of different ways to be involved and have your say, shape our services, and make your community a better place to live.

Check them out above.

What do I get out of getting involved?

— Give us your thoughts
This is a chance to have your say on the services we deliver, tell us what you think is working well, and give suggestions on how we can improve services. This can be as part of consultations or by getting involved with our Scrutiny Group.
— Grow your confidence
By getting involved, you could grow your confidence and learn new skills that you could transfer into employment.
— Share your experiences
A chance for you to share your experience of our service, to drive forward improvements for all our customers.
— Get involved in your community
Meet new people and get involved in your local community. Getting involved with Riverside Scotland could put you in touch with other like-minded people and give you the chance to make new friends.
— Chance to win prizes for getting involved
Opportunity to enter regular competitions and promotions to give us your feedback. We will run regular incentives to get your thoughts and feedback.

What does Riverside Scotland get from involved customers?

— Improved services
We can use the input of our customers to continually drive forward improvements to our services.
— Make informed decisions
Making sure that we consider the experience of our customers in any decisions we make and are flexible in our approach to accommodating these.
— Help us to deliver trauma-informed services
By sharing your lived experience of our services, we can use this to ensure we are trauma-informed in our approach to service delivery.
— Improved customer satisfaction
By listening to our customers, we hope to improve satisfaction you have with your home, and with the service we provide.

If you’d like to discuss the ways in which you can get involved in more detail, please contact Gavin Wiffen, Customer and Community Engagement Officer, by phone on 07970 348724 or by email at [email protected].