Pension credit – are you missing out on extra cash?

Did you know that up to 1.2 million families entitled to Pension Credit have not claimed it?

It only takes a few minutes to make sure you’re getting all you’re entitled to.

We are encouraging our customers who are pensioners to find out about the Pension Credit they may be missing out on.

Pension Credit means that people need not live on less than £173.75 a week for single people or £265.20 for couples. On top of that, people might also get help with their rent and reduction in their council tax or even extra cash for caring for someone.

What’s more if they reached State Pension Age before 6 April 2016 they may be entitled to extra money if they have made some provision towards their retirement such as savings or a private pension. This is called the Savings Credit and could be up to £13.97 for a single person or £15.62 for a couple.

Lots of people could be missing out on Pension Credit because they wrongly think it isn’t meant for them. You might still get extra money even if you own your own home or have some savings.

Take a look at the online calculator on GOV.UK to find out what you might get.