Have your say in our annual rent consultation

Our annual rent consultation has started.  This is your opportunity to have a say in how much rent you pay.

This year the rent setting consultation period will run from 4th December 2019 until 8th January 2020. All tenants should now have received our consultation leaflet through the post.   This leaflet provides all of the information on our options for rent increases in 2020/21 and we are asking you to select your preferred proposal.  You can download a copy here to read about the rent options in full.

Our plans and how we spend our rent will have an impact on your home and community. We want to hear what you think.

Please let us know your views by completing and returning the feedback form on the back of the leaflet to us in the enclosed prepaid envelope by Wednesday 8 January 2020 or by completing our online survey. Alternatively, call Lyndsay McLaughlan, Customer Involvement Officer on 01294 316785 or email: [email protected]