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At Riverside Scotland we strive to continually improve the services we provide to our customers.

We know that our tenants themselves are the best people to judge how good we are – so we aim to make sure they are as informed and involved as possible with our activities.

We closely monitor our performance through a range of approaches, to ensure we remain among the best social landlords in the country.

We are continuously reviewing and monitoring our performance and report our results annually to The Scottish Housing Regulator. We are part of the G8 Benchmarking Group and regularly compare our performance with the 7 other housing associations in the group. We also compare ourselves with other local landlords in our areas of operation.

We also have a number of internal targets in each of our areas of operation. These are called our Key Performance Indicators. Our aim is to meet these targets when delivering services to our customers.

View our Annual Reports, Landlord reports and Corporate PlanĀ 

Find out more about The Scottish Housing Regulator

The Scottish Housing Regulator have produced two short videos explaining what they do and how to raise a concern about a social landlord.

Watch now: Who we are and what we do

Watch now: How to raise a concern about a social landlord