Supporting our customers through Ayrshire College DIY course

We are proud to be supporting tenants to complete an Advanced DIY Carpentry and Joinery course at Ayrshire College.

The exciting 8-week practical course helps develop independent DIY skills to maintain and repair your home and save money! Participants learn how to do common household repairs which may otherwise have been expensive to pay someone else to do.

The course also focuses on preventative measures to keep your home safe before problems such as breaks or leaks escalate to serious and costly repairs. Participants also learn to conduct repairs and installations of new technology which may help reduce energy costs in the home.

Heather Anderson, Head of Service Delivery said, “The course is a great foundation to empower our tenants with the skills to tackle everyday DIY problems. It’s not just about developing new and useful skills, it’s about providing customers with new opportunities and experiences and giving them the confidence to pursue something they may not otherwise have considered.

Roman, Bryan and Kerry pictured are now halfway through the course and enjoying the opportunity to upskill in an area they enjoy.

Kerry said, “I received a text from Riverside Scotland advertising the training and decided to get in touch and express my interest. I’ve always enjoyed DIY and it’s great getting to know the basics.”

“There’s a lot of woodwork on the course and I’ve already learned how to fit new door handles and carry out minor repairs – which no doubt will come in handy as I have a young son. I’m looking forward to putting the skills I’ve gained to good use in my home.”

Look out for more updates on our tenants’ progress!