Supporting Customers to Get Online

We are excited to announce that we have partnered up with Connecting Scotland to combat digital exclusion amongst Riverside Scotland customers. We’ll be offering customers the opportunity to borrow IT devices and MiFi devices to gain internet connectivity.

Digital exclusion comprises three aspects that are often intertwined. These are:

Access – those who are digitally excluded because they have no access to the internet at home or elsewhere.

Ability – those who lack the digital skills and/or confidence to navigate the online environment safely and knowledgeably.

Affordability – those who struggle to afford access to the internet, and so either go without it, or experience other financial strains to retain access.

Connecting Scotland are keen to target the following priority groups:

  • over 65
  • in a low-income household
  • living with a long-term illness or disability
  • unemployed
  • or victims of crime or abuse

How do I apply?

Your Tenant Partner can refer you to use the service. You can also self-refer by contacting Gavin Wiffen, Customer & Community Engagement Officer on 07970 348 724 or email [email protected]