Riverside Scotland wins Housing Association of the Year Award at ECO Awards

Affordable housing provider, Riverside Scotland has been named Housing Association of the Year at the 2024 Scotland Energy Efficiency Awards.

The prestigious award recognises exceptional commitment to energy efficiency within the region and was awarded to the association in recognition of its ECO improvement works to nearly 300 homes in Dumfries and Galloway in 2023.

The comprehensive works programme carried out by Glasgow-based Union Technical Services included the installation of a cutting-edge internal wall insulation system specifically designed for solid wall sandstone properties, which reduces heat demand and lowers energy bills.

New ventilation systems were installed to improve air quality while eliminating damp and mould issues, alongside cavity wall insulation to again reduce heat demand, and a liquid damp proof course were applied to further enhance energy efficiency and protect the homes.

Riverside Scotland also equipped the homes with Switchee smart thermostats. These devices optimise household energy use, lowering heating bills by up to 17%. It also enables residents to control and reduce their energy use remotely when they are away from home.

The investment was hailed as a welcome boost for tenants as households continue to navigate the cost-of-living crisis and contributes towards the Scottish Government’s target of becoming net zero by 2045.

Heather Duff, Head of Asset and Sustainability and Stephen McCarthy, Asset Operations Manager accepted the award at Glasgow’s Crowne Plaza.

Heather expressed her pride in the project’s impact on tenants: “It’s great to have our project recognised at this level. We’re proud of the work we’re undertaking so our customers can benefit from warmer, more comfortable homes, whilst lowering energy bills. It really is a welcome boost for our tenants as households continue to navigate cost-of-living.

“Riverside Scotland remains committed to improving our customers’ homes over the coming years through a whole-house retrofit approach, and we look forward to partnering with Union Technical Services on future projects