One Housing Group Partnership Annual Report

In early 2021 we wrote to all Riverside Scotland customers to make you aware that discussions regarding an organisational partnership between our parent company, Riverside, and One Housing Group had begun, with the aim of achieving the following benefits for Riverside customers:

— Better services for customers by protecting rents and tenancy rights.
— Ensuring there is a louder customer voice by providing more opportunities for customers to be involved in Board and committee decision-making.
— Investing nearly £1bn in improving and repairing homes over the next 5 years.
— Improving Riverside care and support services.
— More investment in employment support and money advice services.

As a Riverside Scotland tenant you will not be directly affected. Riverside Scotland continues to be a subsidiary of the wider Riverside Group, as well as an independent Scottish Housing Association with its own Governing Board.

Whilst this remains the case, we feel it is important that you are made aware of merger activity involving our parent company, and the extremely positive work that is ongoing to strengthen and shape the wider organisation.

One year on from the announcement of the organisational partnership Riverside has produced an annual report.

For more details and to view the annual report please click here.