Fire safety in the home

The safety and wellbeing of customers is our number one priority and as we are all spending more time at home than usual we wanted to share some fire safety tips with you.


Know the evacuation plan for your building It’s really important you know what to do if there’s a fire in your building and also to make sure any keys you need are readily available. Also read the Fire Action notices displayed in communal areas. This is really important to help you get out, and firefighters get in,
Keep communal areas clear and free of obstructions This is really important to help you get out, and firefighters get in, if there’s a fire. So if you spot something you think shouldn’t be there, let us know. Staff will be checking our buildings and these checks will include lint trays in communal tumble dryers which can be a fire risk if
Keep fire doors closed and report
any damage
Fire doors help to prevent fire and smoke from spreading and keeps the fire contained. Never wedge fire doors open.
Test your smoke alarm once a week We will test your smoke alarm for you and explain how this works and also test the smoke alarms in communal areas.
Take care when smoking If you do smoke at home, make sure you do it safely and never smoke in bed, or anywhere you might fall asleep. Don’t leave lit cigarettes unattended or anywhere they can roll off and don’t throw hot ash into the bin.
Be wary of candles and naked flames Keep candles away from curtains, furniture and clothes and never leave them unattended.
Think about how you use heaters
and electrics
Sit at least three feet away from heaters and never put them near clothes or furniture.