Money advice

Even though fuel bills have gone up, we can help you save money by finding either a cheaper energy provider or a cheaper tariff.

Switching energy supplier


Thinking of changing your energy supplier?

You could switch and save

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The need to lower the costs of our energy bills has never been more important. See if you can switch and save.

How do I switch my energy supplier?

Its easy to get a quote for a new energy supplier by using a price comparison website to see what deal suits you best through impartial sites such as Uswitch, Citizen’s Advice or Trustpilot.

Before you start looking for cheaper energy prices, make sure you have the following information ready so you can get the right quote for you:

  • Your home address.
  • Who is your current energy supplier? British Gas, Scottish Power and so on.
  • How often do you pay your bill?
  • Do you pay by direct debit, after you receive a bill or on a prepayment meter?
  • What is the name of your Tariff? (Standard, Fixed Price etc).
  • An idea of how much energy you use, or how much your spend each month.

You can clearly see:

  • How much you could save per year (this could be hundreds of pounds! Our top saving this year has been £413.25)
  • What you will pay (per year) if you decide to go ahead and switch
  • How long the energy plan lasts for (12 months for example)

If you do find a better price, all you have to do is click ‘Choose plan’ and fill in a few details about how you would like to pay and you’re done. Your new supplier and old supplier will work together to transfer your supply.

If you are unsure and need further advice, please contact our Tenancy Sustainability Team who can assist you in switching supplier.

Clair Christie, Tenancy Sustainability Team Leader                                        01294 316784     [email protected]

Kathryn Morrison, Tenancy Sustainability Officer                                         01294 316756     [email protected]

Jacqui Monoghan, Tenancy Sustainability Officer                                         01294 316763     [email protected]