Update on the Pennyburn fire to reassure residents

Following a fire at a property on Kelburne Square, Pennyburn on 23 November some concerns have been expressed locally regarding the external wall insulation at the property itself and others on the Pennyburn estate, which have had the same insulation installed. 

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has completed a Fire Incident Report, which it shared last week (11/12/19) with North Ayrshire Council Building Standards Service and Irvine Housing Association. The report does not highlight any concerns regarding the External Wall Insulation and does not attribute any aspect of the fire to this system. North Ayrshire Council has further confirmed that the property affected and the neighbouring properties have the appropriate building warrant permission and completion certificates in place which meet the standards required nationally by Scottish building regulations, and the External Wall Insulation materials performed as expected in a fire of this nature. 

The fire at the property on Kelburne Square was started as a result of wilful damage which involved flammable materials being placed against an exterior wall. However this has not resulted in any issues being raised with the design, construction or external insulation works at the property itself, which is privately owned, or neighbouring homes owned by Irvine HA.