New Scrutiny Report Published

In July our Customer Panel reviewed our performance information and voted to scrutinise the topic ‘Percentage of tenants satisfied with the quality of their home’ – one of our least performing areas.

In August a focus group of 3 self-nominated customers was formed from the panel and during their first meeting verified the results from the customer panel vote. The focus group also reviewed the performance information provided to the customer panel and carried out the scrutiny of this service area.

Their report, including their recommendations for improvements to be made, was presented to IHA’s Board in September. All recommendations have been approved and will be carried out within the timescales set by the focus group.

Read the report.

Get Involved 

It’s really inspiring seeing IHA tenants getting involved and helping to shape our services.  If you would like to get involved in the next scrutiny exercise (kicking off at the start of 2020)  they you can sign up to our customer panel You will be given the opportunity to review our performance by email (or post if offline) and  you can volunteer to take part in the next focus group or individual activities, as much or as little as they wish.