Environmental CSR – Public transport

Sue Powell, Head of Service Improvement recently decided to have a go commuting to work on public transport. Here is her story:

I would probably describe myself as a half-hearted user of public transport, committed in theory to the concept of greener travel but sometimes the lure of the door to door car journey from Hoylake to Speke is just too great. For the past three or four years we have only had one car so getting the train and bus to work is not completely alien to me  but when I saw the chance to win a free trio pass for December I thought that would be just the incentive I needed to use the car less . Plus everyone likes something for nothing and the chances of winning this were a little more likely than the lottery.

I had a free trio pass for the whole of December and used it on probably around eighteen days in the month, although not just for work. My experience was generally very positive even though it was in the depths of winter. The home to work journey time was usually only slightly longer than in the car but I was able to use the time much more productively, looking at papers for work and checking e-mails. Also actually having some time to read novels on the way home was a real luxury and a good way of unwinding. I also made good use of the ticket for non-work trips and the convenience of not having to have change for fares was great.

What I hadn’t anticipated were the social benefits, bumping into work colleagues or various friends and neighbours from near home on the bus /train was an unexpected plus.

I am definitely trying to use public transport more often though. I am a big fan of Merseyrail and fortunate to live near the station.

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