Eat Together

Eat Together – to combat loneliness and improve mental health and wellbeing!

Eating together is a great way to bring people together and socialise as it improves mental health and peoples’ quality of life.

A whole load of research from around the world backs this up too…

That’s why, during June we are encouraging everyone to Eat Together!

Eat Together is a campaign that’s taking place throughout June to highlight the benefits of social eating and encourage staff and customers to do this more, all year round. Our aim is to share these experiences and communicate just how positive it is when people meet up and Eat Together.

So what’s happening?

During June we will be celebrating national initiatives which focus solely on bringing people together – to combat loneliness, build communities – and share the mental health benefits we’ve discovered from social eating.

We’re creating opportunities for customers to eat together and these events will take place in our sheltered housing services, in communal lounges and staff canteens up and down the country.

We will be taking part in…

Loneliness Awareness Week: 17-21 June 2019
Encouraging staff to eat together at lunchtime (and at home with their families) during this week.

The Great Get Together: Friday 21 June 2019
Social eating events will be held in our sheltered housing complexes at Hawthorn  and West Doura.  Contact your warden for more details.