Togston Road, Northumberland

Togston Road, Northumberland

Riverside have consulted with Northumberland City Council on the need for bungalows to accommodate the ever growing elderly population within the Northumberland area. They have also identified the necessity for more available family homes to stem the flow of younger people having to find houses away from their network of friends and family. As a result, Riverside are now working with the council to offer a scheme that meets the demand. Funded by an HCA grant, Riverside are developing 26 new build homes for affordable rent.


14 x 2bed/4person houses

6 x 2bed/3person bungalows

6 x 3bed/5person houses

Total Scheme Cost: £2.7 million / Site Type: Greenfield / Key Funding Source: Homes and Communities Agency / Local Authority Area: Northumberland City Council / Contractor: Partner Construction Ltd / CDMC: Bailey Garner / Employers Agent: Identity Consult

Start Date:   October 2014    –    Completion Date: January 2018