Saddleworth Close, North Bransholme

Saddleworth Yorkshire

In 2010, there was 1200 properties on the North Bransholme Estate that were transferred to Riverside from Hull City Council. The regeneration of this particular area has means that Riverside has already completed 43 new build properties on the estate with a number of 2 and 3 bedroom houses still in development. The homes will be affordable and modern, continuing to deliver on greater housing offers for local communities. Riverside have also committed to improving the communal areas such as community car park and surrounding areas.


Affordable rent
6 x 3bed/5person houses

5 x 2bed/3person houses

Total Scheme Cost: £1.25 million / Site Type: Brownfield / Key Funding Source: HCA AHGP / Local Authority Area: Hull City Council / Architect: Watson Batty / Contractor: Starfish Regeneration Ltd / Employers Agent: Identity Consult / Structural Engineer: Curtains


Start Date:   February 2015    –    Completion Date: September 2015