Maidford Road, Liverpool



We are developing affordable apartments and bungalows in Dovecot, Liverpool, to enable residents to downsize and free up family homes for this high demand area. We are working with expert developers Prospect GB Limited to provide the scheme which will see 46 Maidford Road units built in total consisting of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments with bungalow options available as well. The scheme itself gives local people the opportunity to remain in the area that they know and love, where they are close to valuable support of family and friends but also live in a property that suits their needs.

The properties are modern, comfortable and futureproof. In the instance the ‘bedroom tax’ is repealed then The Riverside Group are able to easily convert the apartments into 3 bedroom houses by removing a wall and blocking up a door. The location of the units are on the outskirts of Liverpool, 4 miles east of the city centre.


20 x 2bed/3person apartments

20 x 1bed/2person apartments

6 x 2bed/3person bungalows


Total Scheme Cost: £5.2 million / Site Type: Brownfield / Key Funding Source: HCA and RCGF / Local Authority Area: Liverpool City Council / Contractor: Prospect GB Limited / Architects: MPSL Planning & Design LTD / Cost Consultant: EC Harris / Structural Engineers: Sutcliffes

Start Date: February 2014 – Completion Date: June 2015